I have a lot of proudest and happiest moments to say for my child who is enrolled in DDY. Some of those moments are unbelievable, pleasant and joyful.

 Mohammed Ahmed Alsultan

Thanks a lot to all of you for taking good care of our kids. It means a lot to us knowing that our kids are in safe hands. Thank you from our hearts.

 Souzan Ahmed Ali Yousef

Muhammad receives his sessions in the center and he is happy with that. I found a great improvement in a short duration. The staff at the center are creative people who make every effort to improve and develop my child, and they are very cooperative. I am satisfied with the center and all its employees.

Alia Mohammad Rashed Albawardi

I would like to thank all team. My son Faisal feels that this center is his second home. Thanks for the care, attention, and affection you give my son. Thank you so much!

Abdulrahman Othman Alshabanah

I have no words to thank the Doris center which is not a center but a big family that embraced my fear, despair and worry about my son. The humanitarianmessage they have was the best supporting factor to bring me back hope and assurance as a father of a special needs kid. The experience of the staff in rehabilitating kids, training and advising them was much more than I expected and made me so optimistic about the upcoming. Rehabilitation did not just help our kid but it also helpedthe family through programs. The family program was also helpfulin retaining the learned skills during vacations and outside the centre. And after the help of the Doris family my son reached a level makes me so satisfied as a parent and that he’s been sent to the right place, I would like all the centre’s family the best of luck.

 Adbullaziz Alqubaisi

I would like to thank and appreciate all the staff at DDY for their care and work as a team. And the precautions they have taken to deal with the corona pandemic to protect the kids, staff and parents and offering best solutions that fit the kid’s needs. Thank you all

 Hamad Ali Al Munif

Dear all at DDY, I’m the father of Faisal Mohammed Althaqafi, my son has joined the center 4 years ago and he had some issues related to behavior, dealing with others, interaction, etc., so he needs to attend you center During these 4 years we have noticed great change in his physical condition and improvement in interacting and perception and all that due to your efforts and ongoing following up, paying attention to details to reach this goal through the care and the well management by Mr. Abdulmoaien and his ongoing follow up and the care he offered. Thank you again and wish you all the best

 Mohammed Muqbil Althagafi

I would like to sincerely thank all those who stood by my son and gave him all the support he needed in learning and progressing. Thank you again the work you have done is unforgettable

 Khulod Saud Alhzani

Thanks to The Doris Duan-Young Center for what they have done for my son and for all kids at the center. You were a great help to my son when he joined, that shows your devotion kindness in dealing with the kids and their parents. Thanks a lot

 Adana Jamil Albalushi

I have no words to express my gratitude for all the hard work that you have done to my son which helped in changing in his life to the better. Mashari is now in school with colleagues engaging very well and he’s achieving good result due to the ongoing follow up from your professional and fascinated team.

 Mana Mohammad Alrubai

The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center is considered one of the best center my child was admitted too, as I have noticed a significant improvement in my child, he started talking, responding to instructions, reading number and some words. I would like to thank the center for the level of effort they put towards people of determination as they need special care. I would recommend all parents to consider to admitting their children in The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center, as they will provide the necessary care and guidance.

 Hamad Shaddad Alyami

Thank you for everything. My son has improved a lot. He simply loves going there as the therapists are loving, caring and supportive. I appreciate the fact that their services are very well structured. The children learn in a fun but logical and systematic manner which ensures that they learned many listening, communication and motor skills.

 Bismah Warsi Mohammad Yousuf

I would like to thank The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center for their services and constant support from my daughter. My family and I noticed the significant change in my daughter in a short period of time her skills improved and she was able to generalize this skill inside the center and outside with family members. Thank you so much DDY Management and all the Employees.

 Maitha Abdulaziz Mohammad Alhosani

In the name of Allah the Merciful. Peace and blessings be upon the Prophets and Messengers and after thanking God the Almighty first, we want to thank all the staff members in the Center for their support and care esp. for this category who are so precious to our hearts and for their kindness towards our children and us parents as well. May Allah reward you the best reward.

 Adel Ismal Alyami

Dear DDY, my daughter Amani has been attending therapy 30 hours a month for 9 months. We are very impressed with her progress and development. All positive changes. We would recommend the facility and qualities of service to everyone and plan to continue with our daughter enrolled at DDY.

 Maitha Abdulhalim Ahmad Mohamed Ali